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Glad To See Sustainable Materials Coming Down In Price
I got to visit Caragreen the other day with the Alliance of Interior Designers.  Caragreen carries healthy and sustainable surfacing materials.  They have materials that I've had in my design library for years but rarely could specify because the costs were prohibitive.  Over time these companies have found ways to bring these products to market in a more affordable fashion.

One material that I always thought my clients would love is Icestone.   I'm so happy the price has come down over time.  It still a premium product (like a Mercedes) but not super exclusive (such as a Ferrari).

Check out this video of how they produce the material.


I'm excited about working with these healthy materials in future projects.  And FYI - these are not just for contemporary designs.  I can take almost any material and bring it into a traditional design.  It's often a matter of how you treat the edges.  Or where you use the material.  So please, if you consider your style to be rustic or textural or traditional,  don't look at these and think that they are too stark for you.  They can work in any environment when well designed.  That's what I'm here for!!


Another solution for how to see what's in your drawers;-)  When we bring in lots of light by adding windows and removing walls, and you have to store kitchen supplies in drawers instead of wall or tall cabinets, in-cabinet lighting can really help you see what you've got!

A Contest of Will

People often ask how I've been published so many times (around 75) and won so many contests (over 40).  Well it not only takes good design but also perseverance.  Everything about design requires perseverance.  Solving client issues, working with manufacturers, and winning design contests.  You can't ever give up.  You just need to find a different way to approach a solution.  The following is a link to Eva Ditler's blog.  Eva is the managing editor at San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine.  She just sent me this link today.  I had no idea she was writing this about me but I love it.


Eva's blog post tells the story of my perseverance better than I ever could and it reads as wonderful entertainment while being completely factual.




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