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Leslie Featured in Apr. 2016 KBDN Article

Leslie's expertise was requested by Kitchen and Bath Design News for their April, 2016 issue.  Click the link to the article to read about regional design trends.



April 7, 2016 @ Cary Garden Club
Planning Your Outdoor Living Spaces

January 6, 2016 @ Women's Power Networking, Coffee and Contacts, Apex Chapter
Creating A Personal Wellness Center in Your Home

Nov. 4, 2015 @ Raleigh Garden Club
Planning Your Outdoor Living Spaces
Whether you have a small patio or several acres, planning how you want to use your outdoor space will help you create a landscape that accommodates your lifestyle.  Developing the optimal garden goes far beyond choosing appealing plants. Incorporating social and dining areas, meditation or relaxation zones, play areas, water features, pet areas, and any other special desires is equally important.  Planning your garden space in advance will help you create natural connections between spaces and convenient indoor-outdoor living.
Dec. 2, 2015 @ RotaryClub of North Raleigh
Creating A Personal Wellness Center in Your Home
We are living longer and learning to take better care of ourselves.  Studies have shown that various therapies including light, aroma, sound, wet heat, dry heat, and massage can reduce stress and increase overall health.  We’ll talk about ways to incorporate those therapies into your home and create your own personal wellness center.  Along with various products and technologies that can be incorporated to provide these therapies, conveniences such as juicers, blenders, refrigerated vitamin storage, warm towel storage, appropriate seating, and good silent ventilation can also be included to make your wellness center convenient and complete.

NKBA Workshop - Selling to Multi-Generational Buyers

Leslie presented a workshop on Selling to Multi-Generational Buyers for the NKBA Eastern Carolinas Chapter on August 20th.  The goal was to help members understand how buyers of different generations make decisions.  Topics that were discussed were:
  • How do you sell to them?
  • Should you use the same strategies when selling to Generations X and Y as you do with Baby Boomers? 
  • Are they as different as we may have been lead to believe?
Leslie received great feedback and was recently asked if she would offer this workshop to another group.  Woo hoo!  More fun to be had Smile



SDHG Kitchen of the Year Winner as well!!!


A "must read" is the story of how this entry was delivered.  Read Eva Ditler's blog for the adventure:  http://www.sandiegohomegarden.com/A-Contest-of-Will/

ASID Carolinas Excellence in Design 1st Place award-winning kitchen! 

My clients loved the character of their historic home.  They fell in love with a Provence Blue CornuFe range and wanted to add it to their kitchen but couldn’t figure out how.  So they enlisted my help.
After an in-depth interview and exploring partial renovation options, we decided that a complete renovation was the best solution.
The new range inspired the room’s style - modernized Country French using pale grey-blues, pale yellows, and creamy whites with accents of mixed metals, crystal, and glass.
Problems that we solved with the new design were the elimination of tight passageways, creating plenty of room for visitors, improving the flow between the kitchen and surrounding rooms, creating plenty of light, eliminating the claustrophobic feel of the room, adding proper ventilation, and creating convenient places to work.

Renovations are complete for the Woman's Club of Raleigh restrooms!  Baths designed by Leslie Cohen Design.

Check out Leslie's award-winning bath design on page 28.  Then read the article about Highpoint on pages 14-18.  Leslie is quoted throughout.  A picture of the award-winning bath design is beneath the link below.
"Not often I'm featured twice in one magazine!" - Leslie

Woman's Club of Raleigh -  bath design "BEFORE"

Woman's Club of Raleigh -  bath design "AFTER"