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Creating kitchen, bath, and interior designs to meet the needs and personalities of our clients since 1990. 
Raleigh, NC
San Diego, CA


Leslie Cohen is a wonderful designer.  I have known her personally for over 30 years.  I referred her to a co-worker that had a fire in her kitchen and needed remodeling.  My co-worker could not say enough about how professional Leslie is, she was on time, in buget and created a wonderful kitchen.  I have also attended events at various clients homes in which Leslie was hired to remodel the kitchen and living rooms.   I have observed very happy, pleased clients. And her work is outstanding.  Leslie is a hard worker, she wants to please her clients.  She builds long-lasting relationships with all of her clients and vendors she works with.  Leslie is very much recommended to anyone that wants top quality work and fabulous results. 
Patricia Jo Mayer | MOSS ADAMS LLPSenior Manager, Tax
The architect and I would never have come up with this without you.  It is so much better because you were involved.  D.G., Solana Beach, CA
We forget about how nice our kitchen really is because we live with it every day.  But we just had Thanksgiving at our house and everyone commented on it.  It worked as well for our crowd as it does for the two of us every day.  Thank you again.  J.T.C., San Diego, CA

I don’t get tired when cooking anymore.  Everything is right where I need it.  T.R., San Diego, CA

January 27, 2014 10:17 PM

I have worked with Leslie on many occasions and found her to be a creative, energetic, detail oriented designer. Great results and a pleasure in arriving at those results!
Cynthia Burke, IALD, IES
Burke Lighting Design