It’s been said that no one really notices good design , until they do.

Until it becomes obvious that something is so extraordinarily crafted, so well considered, so simple to turn on, or easy to access, that it becomes immediately apparent the care and thought that went into its placement, configuration, or planning.

Really good design makes you feel instantly at ease, understood, and nurtured.

It makes you feel welcome and safe to explore and play. To try out new things or live out your boldest dreams.

It’s reliable and empowering. Like an old friend who always has your back.

Our approach for crafting your home is the same: listen attentively, design thoughtfully, and build efficiently.


North Carolina






Every detail was meticulously planned: from the countertop overhangs, to cabinet reveals and setbacks, to hidden wiring channels, to moulding intersections. The result is pure artistry.

The Great Opening Up

I love when people feature my designs on their websites! This wonderful open, bright space was originally a series of smaller dark rooms. The clients wanted a light, classic, functional great room in which to live and entertain. This was accomplished by: Eliminating a small butler’s pantry and opening the kitchen up to the formal…

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