What can I say? I love fast cars and cars that handle well. After driving my Audi Q5 for 8 years I decided I just couldn’t be that “practical” any more so I traded it for an Audi S5. Isn’t she pretty? I’ve only had her since September.

The Corvette was my every day driver and national championship race car for many years. Rhonda the Honda (yes, silly name, I know) was the only dedicated race car I have ever owned. She got towed everywhere because she was setup with such stiff suspension that she was unbearable to drive around town. Plus we had removed all creature comforts such as air conditioning and stereo.

I found a new race community here in North Carolina. It’s not the same as So Cal but then again I have only just started to show up. I miss you SDR, Cal Club, Corvette Club, and PCA friends – you welcomed me with open arms and I treasure all the good times that we had:-)

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