Golf as a Metaphor for Life

What I like about golf is that it demands my total attention. It rewards patience, self-control, and SLOWING DOWN. Golf is also social and is played outdoors.

When I finish a round of golf, my mind is clear and my body is, well, exhausted. Oh, and I am hungry:-)

I think I enjoy design for many of the same reasons. When I am with clients I am totally focused on them. When I am designing their projects, I am totally absorbed in developing solutions. My mind stays in the moment. And yes… here we will cross over into mindfulness.

Whenever I stay focused on whatever is happening at the moment, I truly absorb and remember it. I experience less stress. If it is a stressful moment, such as a horrible golf shot, it passes quickly as I must move on to thinking about the next shot.

Yesterday I golfed. I met new people, enjoyed being out in nature, and cleared my mind. I can still visualize the delicate beauty of a grouping of yellow flowers that was blooming alongside the cart path.

In this moment, I’ve enjoyed sharing my experience with you. Next up will be enjoying a cup of coffee on my deck while listening to the birds sing. Then I’ll start work with a clear and rested mind.

We finished just as the sun was setting. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Yes, he nailed that one!

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